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Things are about to get crazy. Between my regular client meetings which put me all over the Southwest (TX,OK,LA,AR,OK,NV,CO,AZ,UT,NM) and a vacation my wife lined up without my knowledge, I’m about to do a round of talks. I’ve got two big talks lined up and a couple of others that aren’t so “polished”. So yeah…Here’s my agenda for the next few weeks:

Oct 5th
Information Warfare Summit
Advanced Targeted Attacks
Oklahoma City, OK

Oct 5th (Same day, I know!)
Dallas Hackers Association
USB Rubber Duck Password attack with M$ SysInternals ProcDump
Dallas, TX

Oct 7-8
Ransomware: History Analysis & Mitigation
Plano, TX

Oct 13-14
Fraud Investigators Association of Texas (FIAT)
Ransomware: History Analysis & Mitigation AND Advanced Targeted Attacks
Grapevine, TX

Nov 2-3
National ISSA Conference
Speaker Panel (Topic unknown)
Dallas, TX

Nov 4-9
SANS HackFest and SANS560 Training (Attending, not speaking)
Crystal City VA



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