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So if you follow me on twitter, you already know I travel. A lot. My wife is also a “travel-hacker”. Over the last year I think I’ve been to Alaska, Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New York, and Boston. I’m sure I forgot some along the way too. Internationally, I’ve been to Australia, the Bahamas, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Aruba, Hawaii, and later this year the Dominican Republic. So yeah…I fly, a lot.

So between my work life and my professional life, I’ve found a few things that make my life just a little bit easier. I speak highly of these particular products to the point that based on my recommendations, my friends, co-workers and family have bought a bunch of these different products. Here are some of my favorites. Feel free to buy through the links below and give ole Rainmaker a little kickback if you don’t mind. ­čÖé

Rocketbook Wave

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

This thing is excellent. I’ve tried lots of different things to take proper notes. I’ve tried multiple pens, stylus, & notebooks. This one takes the cake. It takes the best of them all and combines them into one great product. It’s the cheapest too. Only $27. First, the pen it uses is the Pilot FriXon erasable pen. You can buy them from any office supply store. They write smooth and easy. Second, the pages are excellent. You can mark certain icons at the bottom of the page, and upon scanning with the app, you can upload to any of your favorite cloud services (Dropbox, OneDrive, Box,┬áEVERNOTE, slack, and multiple emails). ┬áHere’s the best part: once you’ve filled the entire notebook and uploaded the contents to the cloud, stick the notebook in the microwave, nuke it and it┬ácompletely blanks out.┬áI kid you not. Use it over and over again. I use this in conjunction with my premium evernote subscription. The OCR of Evernote recognizes the handwriting and I can search against my handwritten notes. It’s excellent.

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Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Headphones

boseqc35These are my saving grace while flying. After flying some 12+ legs in our Summer vacation to Australia I was at my wit’s end. Almost every flight I was surrounded by loud talkers, screaming children, overly loud jet engines, or any other possible distraction to drive me nuts. As soon as we returned stateside, my wife gave me these for my birthday. Ever since then, flying has gone from frustrating to slightly above tolerable. The lack of wires and the extremely long battery life are excellent. Another feature is that you can sync multiple devices at the same time. I can receive audio from my phone and laptop simultaneously. Also, you can take calls…however One bit of warning though,┬áthe mic picks up every ambient sound. You can take a random call here and there, but don’t plan on making this as your primary phone headset as it’ll drive your co-workers crazy.

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Genius Pack Luggage G3 22″ Carry On Spinner


This is my carry on luggage. Well, this is the newer version, and I’m slightly jealous as the wheels are spinner wheels. ┬áThis is the only bag I travel with (with the exception of my Genius Pack computer bag). This luggage was built for the road warrior. I took this to Australia and only used this and a backpack. Looks are deceiving. It can hold a lot. Additionally, everything has a place. It comes with a built in umbrella, a USB battery pack to charge your phone and mobile devices, a tri-fold suiter to keep clothing from wrinkling, and many other specialized compartments. My favorite part is the pockets on the side. One holds water bottles, and the other is a dirty laundry compartment. Once you have some dirty laundry, you compress all the air out and shrink the bag to an incredibly smaller size. It’ll be some time before my current luggage wears out, but when it does, I’ll be buying another Genius Pack.

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Genius Pack Enterprise Bag

geniuspack00This is my computer bag/briefcase. Works great. It fits my laptop, headphones, notebooks, USB battery pack, umbrella, business cards, and everything else I need for flying or meeting with clients. I like that the bag attaches nicely to the carry-on luggage so when going through TSA security, I can slap everything down on the conveyor belt and, there’s no issues whatsoever.

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