Updated Speaking Engagement List

So I’ve got 30 minutes before I need to head to the airport again.

I wanted to update the blog (because I’m fairly sure nobody reads it), with an update to my speaking engagement list as well as provide some upcoming dates.

6/26/18 – Cleveland ISACA Special Event 40th Anniversary, Golden Ticket Attack
6/26/18 – Cleveland ISACA Special Event 40th Anniversary, Hacker Carpet Bomb. Live Demos!
07/6/18 – CornCon IV – Travel Hacking – Davenport, IA
7/7/18 – CornCon IV – Hacker Carpet Bomb. Live Demos! – Davenport, IA
9/18/18 – Austin TX ISSA Chapter Meeting – Hacker Carpet Bomb. Live Demos! – Austin, TX
10/2/18 – Pittsburgh ISSA Chapter Meeting – Golden Ticket Attack, Pittsburgh, PA
10/24/18 – (ISC)2 CyberAware Dallas – Panelist, Dallas, TX

A thought came to me just now, that it might be cool to do a blog-post on each speaking event, shortly after completing it. It’d provide content to the blog at least. The problem with that is assuming I have the free time to do so. Yeah, we’ll see.

Anyways, future events…

10/24/18 – (ISC)2 St. Louis Region Meeting, St.Louis, MO
11/3/18 – BSidesDFW – Live Hacking Demos, Dallas, TX
11/7/18 – Infragard Wisconsin – Insider Threat, Milwaukee, WI

These are just the infosec community events where the public is welcome. I’ve got another half dozen work-related events in cities like, Denver, Phoenix, Omaha, Kansas City, and Oklahoma City. If you’re in any of those cities and want to hang out, just shoot me a message and let me know. Also, wife[0] pulled the trigger on one of her travel-hacking trips. Looks like we’re going to Bora Bora and Tahiti.  More details to come on that.

Alright, looks like It’s 9:42am. Spent ~15 minutes on a blog post…not bad.

Alright…time to bring the A game and head to St. Louis.

Holy crap! I just checked my calendar. I’ve been to St. Louis every week for the last 6 weeks.


Post-Tour Cool-Down

I survived the crazy 10 day, 6 city, 6 speaking engagement whirl-wind. Honestly, it really wasn’t that bad. I got to hang out with some really cool people. I got to see some really neat places, and I got to learn a bunch of crazy new things. You pick up a lot when you hang out at 6 different security conferences in rapid succession.

Here’s the PDF from the

One of the unfortunate things I struggle with is keeping a good work/home life balance. It’s a struggle I think I’ll honestly have to deal with my entire life. I tend to excel in one area of my life and drop the ball in others. I still struggle with this as I do have a tend to be pretty stubborn and I don’t accept failure in myself.  When I see this happening in other people, I tell them to check their priorities and to prioritize family over work. I tend to neglect my own advise. When that happens, I come back to this commencement speech from Shonda Rhimes. She’s a very strong and power-player in Hollywood. Her words in her commencement speech really struck a chord with me.

“Wherever you see me succeeding in one area of my life, that almost certainly means I’m failing in another area of my life.”

With all that said, I’m going to cut back a little on the travel, prioritize myself and my family and work on a few pet projects I’ve been thinking about. Looking forward to it.

April Showers Bring May InfoSec Talks!

Missed seeing me talk in Des Moines this month? Don’t worry!  May is shaping up to be a heck of a month for awesome speaking engagements!

5/8/18 – St. Louis Tech Summit – Insider Threat – St. Louis, MO
5/9/18 – Secure World – Insider Threat – Kansas City, MO
5/10/18 – Omaha Tech Summit – Insider Threat – Omaha, NE
5/11-12/18 – BSides Denver – Hacking Demos – Denver, CO
5/14/18 – Central Ohio Infosec Conference – Hacking Demos – Columbus, OH
5/15/18 – San Antonio ISSA – Hacking Demos – San Antonio, TX

I’m really looking forward to hitting the road again and meeting everyone on this wild and crazy journey. Hopefully I’ll see you at one of these events! Pretty sure this will be me afterwards.

Questions to Ask BEFORE a Public Speaking Engagement

Event/Audience Details

  • Date & time
  • Address and location
  • Name of the event.
  • Description of event.
  • Event agenda.
  • Talk duration (30/60 min?)
  • What the client want the speech to achieve
  • Who will introduce me?
    • Can I send them an intro or will they provide it?
  • If more information is needed, who is my point person? (get contact info)
  • How many people will be there?
    • Age
    • background
    • gender
    • occupation
    • etc
  • What’s their attitude toward my topic?
  • Will I be expected to mingle and socialize with audience before or after I speak?

Technical/Logistical Details

  • Will there be a podium? Is it solid or see-through (lucite/plexi-glass/etc)
  • Will there be a screen and projector? What video input (VGA, HDMI, etc)
  • How many video inputs are available (typical answer is 1)
  • Will I have a microphone?
    • What type? (lape, hand-help, attached to podium, mic-stand, etc)
  • May I arrive early to walk the stage and get comfortable about the equipment and venue?
  • Who is in charge of making sure things go smoothly before and during my speech (get contact info)