NTXISSA March 2018 Monthly Meeting – The Hackers Toolkit

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the March 2018 North Texas ISSA chapter meeting. I’m planning on presenting the “Hacker Carpet Bomb” aka “Hacker’s Bag of Tricks” aka “Hackers Tooklit” presentation. This talk consists of nothing but live demos. Anyone who’s done IT presentations can tell you, live demos are dangerous. They rarely go right. Having a talk that consists of nothing but live demos is straight up insane. I’ve done this talk a handful of times. Not once has it ever gone perfectly, but that’s also the charm behind it. Exploits, even in perfect environments, sometimes fail. That’s part of it.  Here’s the demo’s I’m planning to present

Between now and then I need to find a device I can destroy on stage. If you have something you don’t mind literally going up in smoke, please let me know.

So please come out March 15th at 11:00AM. I’m sure it’ll be a fun and eye-opening event.




Information Security Groups of Dallas/Ft. Worth

Last week when I was presenting to the NTXISSACSC4 conference, I mentioned a lot of the groups around DFW that are alive and well. A lot of folks were unaware of all the groups and wanted a list of them all. So here it is. Here’s the list of all the groups, that I’m aware of.


Also, check out the DFW InfoSec calendar. It lays out all the events quite nicely. I highly reccomend you check it out.