Stealing Credentials with ProcDump and MimiKatz

Hello World.

For the longest time I’ve kept this domain as my personal repository for projects, files, and relics of time gone by. Since Infosec has taken over my time as a hobby and professionally, I figured I needed to resurrect my chunk of property online and start the blog back up.

Tinker was tweeting about manipulating memory dumps, and I mentioned I had a method to do a proc dump and extract passwords from it. The great thing is that you’re using Sysinternals Procdump to do so. Microsoft bought Sysinternals a few years ago, so almost always this method gets through AV scanners. Unless a system has some strict application control policies, this method will work to extract hashes.  The key here is to offload the memory dump to another machine and run mimikatz on it.

There’s a lot of ways to clean this script up and actually automate it further. Originally, I had the file named the machine name and the date and time in which the dump was taken. That complicated things more than I wanted and kept messing things up. Perhaps the next person could improve on it some more.

I guess I’ll be presenting on this next DHA. Goal is to do a live demonstration of this. Youtube video to follow….

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